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For more than 30 years, Londonderry, New Hampshire accountant David Picchi has given his clients thoughtful and accurate tax and financial advice. As their client, you can count on them to help you use your resources effectively. You can also expect them to be as involved as you'd like, proactive and fully committed to helping you achieve your goals. David Picchi's relaxed, casual environment is nothing like those huge, multilayered, impersonal accounting firms.

Tax time is here again!

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Why Invest In A Tax Professional?

Since there are software programs that help individuals with their taxes, some people wonder what benefit there is to paying for tax preparation services.

What You Need To Know

With the extensive formal education and technical training in accounting practices and taxation, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are undoubtedly the most qualified, knowledgeable and objective financial planning professionals.

Tax laws are constantly changing, and even though software manufacturers claim their products are "intuitive" and "fool-proof", a professional tax advocate not only knows the current laws, but is familiar with your particular life or business situation. An accountant can and should be a trusted advisor for you.

Our clients tell us they enjoy our relaxed approach--tax preparation is no longer a chore!