About Picchi & Martel, CPA, PLLC

Picchi & Martel: Londonderry Accountants Since 1983

Picchi & Martel, CPA PLLC was established in 1983 by David Picchi with the goal of providing exceptional accounting and tax planning services for small businesses, individuals, and nonprofits. Today, the firm services over 1000 clients from offices in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Get to know David, Jean, and Amy.

The Story Behind Our Office Decor

New clients are always perplexed by our decorating style. They may not always say so, but the looks on their faces says it all. No, it wasn’t previously a pet store. It happened quite by accident – but ultimately it fits perfectly with the fun, “hang loose” culture at Picchi & Martel.

The tropical-themed wall decor evolved from a gift over 20 years ago. One year, good friends of David and Jackie had booked a cruise for the four of them; but, unfortunately it was in the middle of tax preparation season so David couldn’t go. Jackie went without him and brought back a souvenir from the trip – a plastic parrot sitting on a tree branch.

When tax season ended, David was staring at the blank blue wall outside of his office and thought “how can we liven this place up?” He took the parrot souvenir and hung it on the wall. But it looked odd – a parrot just sitting on a branch in the middle of a blue wall – so he began painting a tree to connect with the branch.

Like a tropical rainforest, it grew. Knowing that David loves anything having to do with tropical beaches, clients and friends began bringing beach-themed wall hangings, statuary and knick-knacks; sometimes serious, sometimes as a joke, but all having sentimental value – so each one needed its own place at Picchi & Martel.

Don’t let finances stress you out! Bring your tax headaches to our office. We will resolve those issues quickly so you will have time to enjoy our art collection of fish, tropical birds and reptiles. We want you to leave with a smile on your face!