Home-Based Business

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Why Hire a CPA?

Tested. Certified Public Accountants have passed the Uniform CPA Exam – a rigorous test of business, auditing, and general accounting skills developed to ensure the ...

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Filing Your Taxes Last Minute?

Here are some last-minute tips for accurate tax filing! As April approaches, more people are scurrying to get their personal finance or small business tax ...

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No Job…No Tax?

In an economic recession there are many people on unemployment who have never been there before. Even small business owners are laying themselves off. It ...

High pile of receipts

Organizing Tax Receipts

Scrambling through stacks of paper to find receipts can be a frustrating and time-consuming endeavor. In order to properly support your deductions on your income ...

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QuickBooks® Tips

If you need a QuickBooks® Consultant to help you set up your business bookkeeping, call us today at (603) 432-3394. When it comes to small business finances, ...

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Setting Up Your Home Office

Home Office Setup Setting up a home-based business will undoubtedly cost you some money. There may be times when you’re not able to locate a ...

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